Welcome. Thanks for Visiting ! A little about me.


I will put most of this under “about me” in the menu, but I need a place to start my blog and it just seems like a good idea to tell you “Thank You” for visiting and a little about me :-)
I am Chez of chezzdesign.com, my Etsy Store and Online Store. This blog isn’t to plug my sales, but my store is there (when I get it up and running) if you like to shop for artisan decor, jewelry and handy things.
And that’s what I do. DIY projects, home improvement, plus art to wear, use, decorate with and just enjoy. I’ll get more into the UpCycle part later.

I am also disabled in that I have Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease (aka Rheumatoid Arthritis, but most advocacy is trying to lose the arthritis part because it’s just one symptom and that symptom is so far from, say, osteoarthritis in your knee, it’s like a grape to a watermelon)… anyhooo, it’s another thing I’ll expand on in the About Me section, but it’s relevant to this blog because it’s substantially harder for me to do things now, than when I didn’t have it, so I’m going to give tips, hints, hacks, work-arounds and modifications to jobs and tools whenever possible.
As my side-kick Husband who shall be known as Mr Stud, says “EVERYONE wants a short cut or easier way” .. so we agree as long as it’s not a shoddy short cut and not something we didn’t test or use, you’ll get informed about it.

That’s it for today. Again, welcome and hope you enjoy our projects as we do them to improve our home (addicted to DIY and Decorating) and for fun and arts sake.

Chez & Mr Stud


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